What's New of the NPMS
This page highlights any new developments with the NPMS.
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Date Title Announcement
2020/10 Tribal Government Applications and Map Layer New Tribal Government applications for PIMMA applicants and GIS Data Requests, and Tribal Lands are now viewable on a pipeline map in PIMMA or the NPMS Public Map Viewer.
2020/04 USA Data Updates for Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Operators. Instructions are now available for requesting updated Drinking Water and Ecological USA data from the NPMS. Data is still only available to applicable hazardous liquid pipeline operators. Please see the appropriate USA Data page from the Pipeline Operator section of the NPMS website for request procedures.
2020/03 Offshore Pipelines Available on the Public Map Viewer Offshore gas transmission and hazardous liquid pipeline maps are now available on the NPMS Public Map Viewer. In addition to counties, users can now select federal or state water areas to explore, query, or print pipeline maps. User can also gather contact information for offshore pipeline operators.
2019/11 Commercially Navigable Waterway Data Updated Version 5 of the Commercially Navigable Waterway (CNW) data is now available for download from the CNW Data Page. This information is reviewed and updated as needed every 2 years.
2019/10 Great Lakes USA Data New Great Lakes Unusually Sensitive Area (USA) GIS data is now available for download. You can also view the Great Lakes USA data on a pipeline map in PIMMA or the NPMS Public Map Viewer.
2018/02 High Population Area and Other Population Area Data Updated New High Population Area (HPA) and Other Population Area (OPA) datasets are now available for download from the Population Data page.
2018/02 2018 Operator Webinar Presentation Now Available A webinar presentation is now available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZjXWA8oNio&feature=youtu.be. This webinar is for gas transmission and hazardous liquid pipeline operators who are required to make annual submissions to the National Pipeline Mapping System (per 49 CFR 191.29 or 49 CFR 195.61). It contains updated information about the NPMS that operators may wish to review before making their submissions. The webinar has four chapters. If you wish to listen to certain chapters, the timestamp for the chapter is listed on the Pipeline Operator page (PipelineOperator.aspx). Please contact NPMS staff at npms@dot.gov with any questions.
2017/01 PIMMA iPhone App PHMSA has released an iPhone app for PIMMA (Pipeline Information Management Mapping Application). To download it, search for “pipeline information” on the App Store. You will need your PIMMA username and password to use the app. If you do not have a PIMMA username and password, click here to apply. If you have forgotten your username or password, click here to submit a request to receive it. The app is not compatible with Android or Blackberry devices.
2017/01 Public Viewer and OSAVE Instructional Videos PHMSA has developed instructional videos for the new Public Viewer interface as well as OSAVE (Operator Submission And Validation Environment). The OSAVE videos address specific functions in OSAVE. You may view the videos at the links below.
2017/01 Public Viewer Web Address Updated To improve performance of the Public Viewer during times of high usage, the application has been moved to a new website address - https://pvnpms.phmsa.dot.gov/PublicViewer/. Visitors to the original website address will be automatically re-routed to the new address.
2016/12 OSAVE Submission Tool Released The Operator Submission And Validation Environment (OSAVE) tool has been released for use by pipeline operators. OSAVE is a one-stop shop for operators to review existing pipeline, LNG plant and breakout tank data in a map viewer; review and update pipeline-related contact information; and fulfill the yearly pipeline submission requirement by submitting a notification of no changes or removal to NPMS staff, by marking requested edits via a map viewer, or by uploading a data submission. For pipeline submissions OSAVE replaces the former method of FTP’ing and emailing NPMS staff. OSAVE also replaces the NPMS Data Reviewer map viewer. OSAVE requires a PIMMA login. If you do not already have a PIMMA login, please submit a request throug