Learn about the Public Map Viewer

The National Pipeline Mapping System (NPMS) Public Map Viewer is a web-based mapping application designed to assist the general public with displaying and querying data related to:

  • gas transmission and hazardous liquid pipelines,
  • liquefied natural gas plants, and
  • breakout tanks
under Department of Transportation (DOT) Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) jurisdiction. Please note that this application does not contain distribution or gas gathering pipelines.

Within the Public Map Viewer, the user may have access to the NPMS data for one county at a time. In accordance with PHMSA’s NPMS Data Access Policy, the scale in which the user may zoom into NPMS data is restricted. The user may zoom into the NPMS data at the map scale of 1:24,000. Information obtained and maps produced from the Public Map Viewer are for general information only and may be re-distributed as needed. The Public Map Viewer must not be used to identify exact locations of pipelines or as a substitute for contacting the appropriate One Call system or pipeline operator prior to excavation activities. The minimum accuracy of geospatial data in the NPMS is +/-500 feet.

The NPMS Pipeline Attribute Data Dictionary describes the pipeline attribute data available in the Public Map Viewer.

The Public Map Viewer contains an instructional video located under the Help menu which demonstrates the viewer’s functionality and should answer most of your questions about how to use the viewer. The instructional video is also accessible at https://youtu.be/OnZFGVwae4I.

Contact information for pipeline operators may be queried via the Find Who’s Operating in Your Area tool. This tool displays the contact information for all pipeline operators in the NPMS data for the user’s selected state, county or ZIP code.

If you are a government official or a pipeline operator and are interested in obtaining NPMS data for use in your own GIS, you must submit a Data Request. Please note that NPMS data is limited to the requestor’s area of jurisdiction or operation.

If you are a government official or a pipeline operator and wish to have greater flexibility in viewing pipeline data for your jurisdiction or operation, please apply for access to PIMMA.