What NPMS data may I access?

What data may I access? The following guidelines apply to all NPMS web applications and data requests.

I am a federal/tribal/state/local government official:

Government officials may access the pipeline data that relates to their jurisdiction. For instance, an emergency manager for the state of Wyoming may have access to all of the pipeline data within Wyoming. A firefighter for a city may have access to the county in which the city resides. A TSA federal employee may have access to the entire United States.

I am a pipeline operator:

Pipeline operators may access the pipelines that they operate. Operators cannot access pipelines under different operators.

I am a contractor:

Contractors working with a federal/tribal/state/local government official or a pipeline operator must direct their request through the government official/operator employee. Sharing of NPMS accounts between individuals is expressly prohibited by multifactor authentication (MFA) protocols and in the NPMS Access Policy. A contractor (e.g., consultant, subcontractor) cannot request an NPMS account. However, a current NPMS account holder may act as a sponsor and request an NPMS contractor account on their contractor’s behalf. A sponsor NPMS account holder must verify the individual is currently employed as a contractor by their government agency, tribal government, or pipeline operating company, and that the contractor should have access to the same NPMS data and applications as the sponsor. This sponsor must provide this verification by filling out the following form, including all the requested information about the contractor, before NPMS staff will process the NPMS contractor account request. Otherwise, NPMS contractor accounts must meet the same requirements as other NPMS accounts, including an official government, tribal, or pipeline operating company business email address. The NPMS GIS Manager can consider exceptions on a case-by-case basis if applicable contract staff will never have an official government, tribal, or NPMS pipeline operating company email address. NPMS contractor accounts can access the same NPMS data and functionality in NPMS web applications as the sponsor NPMS account holder.

I am the general public:

A member of the public may view pipelines for a single county at a time through the NPMS Public Map Viewer. Additionally, public users may query contact information for pipeline operators via the Find Who’s Operating in Your Area tool.