NPMS Sponsor Request

Complete this form if you are a pipeline operator or government NPMS account holder and wish to sponsor access to NPMS applications for your applicable contract staff. If approved, your contractor will receive an NPMS contractor account with the same NPMS data access, permissions, and user agreement as your NPMS account.

Applicable contract staff include the following:

  • Government Contractor: personnel supporting a contract or service agreement administered by government officials. The contract or agreement must be current and include a confidentiality agreement or language limiting the use of government information or systems to activities required to support the contract or service agreement.
  • Operator Contractor: personnel supporting a contract administered by NPMS pipeline operators to provide NPMS reporting services.

By sponsoring access for your contract staff you agree to the following:

  • My contractor has valid agreements in place with my employer to perform duties that require access to NPMS data or applications.
  • I will send an email to and request removal of this contractor's access if the terms of their contract change, end or to ensure their NPMS access does not exceed the length or requirements of the contract.
  • I assume responsibility for ensuring the contractor upholds the terms in the NPMS User Agreement.

If you do not have an active NPMS account yourself, click here to start your NPMS account request.

If you wish to sponsor NPMS access for your contract staff in accordance with the terms above, please gather the following information about your contractor and then enter your information in the form below.

  • Contractor's full name, title, business phone number and business mailing address
  • Official government/pipeline operator company email address assigned to your contractor.
    • If your employer will never provide an official email to your contract staff send an email to before proceeding.
  • Contract end date
    • This date must be within the next 12 months. When applicable, additional NPMS Sponsor actions will be possible to extend this term.

All fields marked with a must be filled out before submitting the form.

NPMS Account Sponsor Information
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