Welcome to the NPMS Submission Reviewer
The National Pipeline Mapping System (NPMS) Submission Reviewer is for use by pipeline, LNG plant and breakout tank (BOT) operators only. It supports the submission review process by enabling operators to review the accuracy of their submitted pipeline, LNG plant or BOT data before it becomes live on the NPMS Pipeline Information Management Mapping Application (PIMMA) site.
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You have recently received an email with a username and password that are for use only with the NPMS Submission Reviewer. If you did not receive a username, password, and link to this page, you do not need to visit the NPMS Submission Reviewer. In two weeks from the day you received this email, your Submission Review account will become inactive. Unless NPMS staff is notified about an error within these two weeks your data will become incorporated into the NPMS and will be viewable on the NPMS Public Map Viewer and PIMMA. Please login to begin the Submission Review process.
Contact NPMS staff at 703-317-6294 or with any questions or data error concerns.
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The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) has developed the NPMS Submission Reviewer for use by operators with recent submissions to the NPMS. The application contains sensitive pipeline critical infrastructure information. It is intended to be used solely by the person who is given access by PHMSA. Your username and password should not be shared with other persons either within or outside of your organization. If another person expresses interest in using this application, please have him or her contact PHMSA directly to obtain access. PHMSA monitors user activity and reserves the right to remove individual access rights. By accessing this application, you agree to the following:
  • I understand that PHMSA's NPMS Submission Reviewer application contains security sensitive information, and I agree that it will be treated as DOT proprietary information.
  • I agree to not redistribute information or maps derived from the application.
  • I agree to refer requests for access to this application to PHMSA.
  • I agree to not share my username and password with other individuals.
  • Pipeline mileage shown in the mapping application may vary up to 10%, or in rare cases , more than 10%, from pipeline mileage measured by other sources.
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