NPMS Data Reviewer
WHAT IS THE NATIONAL PIPELINE MAPPING SYSTEM (NPMS) DATA REVIEWER? Pipeline operators are required by the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) to review their NPMS pipeline data annually for accuracy. The NPMS Data Reviewer is an application that aids pipeline operators in this annual review process with tools, queries and a method to automatically notify NPMS staff if the data is still accurate or that a new data submission is necessary. If you are not a pipeline operator intending to review your data, please use the Pipeline Information Management Mapping Application () or the .
THE REVIEW PROCESS: During calendar year pipeline operators should submit data accurately reflecting their assets as of . This assists PHMSA in synchronizing NPMS data with an operator's Annual Report. The NPMS Data Reviewer contains various mapping tools, queries and background layers to assist with the pipeline review process. In addition to reviewing the spatial accuracy of the data, the operator must complete five data review tasks within the application, indicated by buttons at the top of the page. The first three summarize information about the pipeline's current commodity, system name and mileage information. The fourth button displays the Public Contact Information on file. The fifth button allows the operator to notify NPMS staff that changes are or are not necessary for this OPID's pipeline data and Public Contact Information. To allow sufficient time to complete a data review, all progress made by an operator will be saved for seven days if the operator logs out before completing all five review tasks. However, the annual data review requirement is not fulfilled until either all tasks are completed and all data is confirmed as accurate OR a complete submission is received to correct any data inaccuracies. Please read about the data submission process in the . Please note that NPMS Data Reviewer is focused on pipelines. While LNG plants and breakout tanks may be reviewed using the standard navigation and query tools, the Submit Action button on the Data Reviewer toolbar applies only to an operator's pipelines. Notifications of no changes for LNG plants and/or breakout tanks must be directed to NPMS staff at .
HOW TO GET STARTED: Pipeline Operators with data in the NPMS should sign in using their PIMMA username and password. If you are a pipeline operator and you do not have a PIMMA username and password, please apply for one via the . Please contact NPMS staff at 703-317-6294 or with any questions or concerns.
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PHMSA has developed the NPMS Data Reviewer for use by pipeline operators. The application contains sensitive pipeline critical infrastructure information. It is intended to be used solely by the person who is given access by PHMSA. Your username and password should not be shared with other persons either within or outside of your organization. If another person expresses interest in using this application, please have him or her contact PHMSA directly to obtain access. PHMSA monitors user activity and reserves the right to remove individual access rights. By accessing this application, you agree to the following:
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